What Would You Do with More Time?

This Sunday, our sermon was on this very topic! As Pastor Barry asked how many people would like extra time, and as the congregation raised their hands, I thought to myself, “I really need to get the names of all these people.” Its about busyness. The American family is endangered because they are getting lost in the busyness of life maintenance. Both parents are working full-time jobs. All the kids are in several after-school activities. With all of the running, shuffling and carpooling, there just isn’t enough time to go, “Ahhhh!”

I understand Pastor Barry’s message was about giving more time to your relationship with God. But, even to do that, something in your life has to give. Is that going to be sleep time? Is that going to be work time? Is that going to be family time? Anyway you go, you need desperately to find that God Time.

My suggestion is to call, message, or text me. Let’s see if there is something in your busy life that I can take off your plate. Let me take over your grocery shopping. You give me your list and a house key. Put your budgeted money into my PayPal account. I will do the shopping (even use coupons if you supply them and its not EXTREME COUPONING), bring in all the bags to your home, and put all of your groceries away. If you like, I can even throw together a few “Freezer to Crockpot” meals for you to use when you are in a pinch for dinner. That easily gives you back one hour to spend with God, to spend with your child, to spend with your spouse – or even all three!

I am still working on the rates for my services, but it will be a fair price for a job well done. I would love to hear some comments, so please share all you want.

Call me, text me, or message me on FB or Twitter.