Little Extras

Errands Arkansas provides other services, such as:

  • Waiting Service – Will stay at your home or office to wait for deliveries, cable company, plumber, electrician, etc. and we will stay until the job is finished.

  • House Sitting – Will make daily visits to your home when you are away to turn lights on or off, bring in the mail and newspaper, water plants.

  • Pet Sitting available.

  • Address and mail cards, invitations, thank you notes.

  • Dinner on the go – We will deliver a nutricious delicious meal for your family to enjoy while on the go to soccer games, baseball practice, dance rehearsals, etc., saving you from hitting the fast food drive-thru.

  • Freezer to Crock Pot meal preparation – We will put together meals that you can take out of the freezer in the morning, throw in a crock pot, and eat when you get home.

  • Travel arrangements for business or pleasure.

  • Plan for a family vacation, honeymoon or anniversary.

  • Stocking/Restocking your refrigerator and staple items for your return from a trip.

  • Buying supplies for children’s birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries.

Have other ideas or needs? Call Errands Arkansas with details and get a quote.

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